ALS NSCORT Process Model 2004--EAC Presentation 2004

Chit Hui Ang
Chiam Tze Chao
Yeuhwern Yih

Document Type Presentation

"Poster presentation discussing two models that govern the development of an ALS system. Part of Project 15 - Simulation Based Optimization Approach to Model and Design of an ALS system. One presentation in ""EAC Presentation 2004"" entry. "


The human model and the ALS NSCORT Process Model 2004 are two of the critical models that govern and reflect the operation of the Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS). The human model allows dynamic system modeling that is driven by crewmembers' activities, body mass, gender and age. The attributes associated with this model include O2, CO2, H2O, energy, heat, diet and waste. Crewmembers' activity schedules are varied to investigate the changes to resources consumed by the crewmembers.The ALS NSCORT Process Model 2004 is an optimization model used for the integration and design of the ALS. This model is a simplified representation of the most significant mass components throughout an ALSS. It makes use of current ALS NSCORT Technologies e.g., BREATHe I, BREATHe II, STAR, etc. The following describes the progress, future work and potential of human model and ALS NSCORT Process Model 2004.

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