Poster presentation looking at ways to achieve effective biomass recycling in ALS through the use of white rot fungi. Part of project 12 - Fungi for Crop Waste Degradation/Edible Mushroom Productions. One presentation in "EAC Presentation 2004" entry.




Current goals for space exploration encompass long-term crewed space flights. The development of a self-sustaining ecosystem on the space station or shuttle requires that astronauts grow their own food and efficiently recycle the waste products. Among the crops suggested for growth in space are wheat, rice, carrots and mushrooms. Optimal and rapid biodegradation of lignin and other cellulosic material of the crop residues by candidate edible white rot fungi is paramount in the use of these organisms to achieve effective biomass recycling in ALS. The incorporation of mineral or organic N into the substrate may enhance growth and fruiting of the fungi thereby increasing the rate of biodegradation of the substrates and biomass recycling. We investigated mycelial growth and fruiting of two strains of Pleurotus ostreatus (Grey Dover and Blue Dolphin) on urea-enriched milled wheat straw. Growth and fruiting of the two strains including another strain (Pohu) on rice straw mixed with solid thermophilic aerobic reactor (STAR) effluent for degradation and recycling were also studied. Both wheat and rice straw used were dried and milled to a size of ?2mm prior to incorporating different concentrations of urea solution in the wheat straw, or varying concentrations of STAR sludge in the rice residue. 'Grey Dover' produced basidiocarps on the enriched wheat straw from 50-60 days irrespective of concentration of urea used, while 'Blue Dolphin' did not fruit. High concentration of STAR residue enhanced mycelial growth, however, a relatively lower concentration (20%) was required for abundant fruiting.

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