American Journal of Rising Scholar Activities (AJRSA) is an open source, annual, Purdue University, peer and editor reviewed, undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research and activities journal. The journal was established in 2020. The contents of AJRSA are archived by the Library of Congress, and each individual manuscript receives a DOI number. AJRSA’s Library of Congress web ISSN is 2692-4161. AJRSA makes a unique contribution by providing journal access to a historically underserved component of the undergraduate population, Rising Scholars. Rising Scholars are low socioeconomic status (SES) STEM undergraduate students that are typically first generation attendees within higher education. In general, low SES students content with a variety of issues not experienced by the general undergraduate population: continuing family obligations, lack of a peer or professional support network, poverty, and inexperience with the higher education environment. Low SES STEM students additionally may face social integration problems, poor college preparation, and an initial lack of confidence in their abilities or chances to succeed. AJRSA provides a means for these students to share their experiences and assist future Rising Scholars along their own journey to professional success.

The Editorial Board of AJRSA consists of academic professionals dedicated to helping Rising Scholars to grow and achieve their true potential. AJRSA is partially supported by the National Science Foundation through grant #1644143, ‘Rising Scholars: Web of Support used as an Indicator of Success in Engineering’. AJRSA also receives support from the Purdue University Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department, the Purdue University Minority Engineering Program, and the Purdue University Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication Department. If you would like to financially support our efforts or need more information about AJRSA, please Contact Us at ajrsa@ecn.purdue.edu.

The submission process for AJRSA, our expectations, and the publishing workflow are described in the Submissions link. Please use the following links to view the Current Issue or Archived Issues of AJRSA.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2022)



Closing Thoughts
Karen I. Plaut