The effects of uncertainties in the gas-surface interaction and intermolecular interaction models on the hypersonic boundary layer development are investigated using the nonintrusive generalized polynomial chaos method. In particular, uncertainties in the surface shear stress, normal stress, heat flux, flowfield temperature and density resulting from uncertain viscosity exponent, surface temperature and accommodation coefficient are considered. The polynomial chaos expansion approach is used to reconstruct the probability density function, calculate mean, standard deviation and skewness of the dependent variables from the DSMC calculations. The uncertainty analysis shows that surface fluxes and flowfields in the hypersonic boundary layer are more sensitive to the accommodation coefficient than surface temperature or viscosity exponent uncertainty.


This is the published version of M. Kulakhmetov* and A. Alexeenko. 2011. "Model Uncertainties in a Sharp Leading- Edge Hypersonic Boundary Layer". First published as an AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Paper and is available online at: http://arc.aiaa.org/doi/pdf/10.2514/6.2011-1187.

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