This was presented to the Purdue University Graduate School Workshop series on March 8, 2016. All data in the presentation was accurate as of that date. Altmetrics and scholarly communication change rapidly so technologies featured in this presentation may become superseded in the future. Caveat emptor.


This session will assist graduate students to deliberately develop an online professional identity that will uniquely identify them as an academic as well as positively highlight their personal strengths.

Students will walk away with a plan to create a unique professional identifier and an understanding of how to measure the impact of online scholarly communication.

Topics included are:


social media, such as LinkedIn & ResearchGate

Alternative Metrics (Altmetrics), such has Kudos, ImpactStory, & AltMetric

Data repositories, such as GitHub & FigShare


name authority, copyright, open access, social networking, altmetrics, cited reference searching, open data, DOIs

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