Multimedia technologies open a new data set for DOT organizations. By adding pictures, sounds, animation, and video, new computer applications can be developed that will bring many benefits. This project investigated the utilization of multimedia into DOT operations. Applications were developed in three different topical areas: Employee Information or Orientation, a Bridge Plan Reading course, and a Construction Equipment utilization prototype. The first two are fully developed implementable tools that will be utilized by INDOT. These developments provide insight into how multimedia can be a useful tool for training and providing performance support to DOT employees. Other tools can be developed like these that provide the benefits of reduced training time and reduced costs, while improving the training and work processes. Also, performance support is very important to INDOT or any other organization that has gone through downsizing while the volume of work has increased.

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multimedia, computer based training, performance support, microcomputer, plan reading, SPR-2118

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