Editor-in-Chief: Zygmunt Pizlo, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University

The Journal of Problem Solving (JPS) is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes empirical and theoretical papers on mental mechanisms involved in problem solving. The journal welcomes original and rigorous research in all areas of human problem solving, with special interest in those difficult problems in which human beings outperform artificial systems. JPS encourages submissions from psychology, computer science, mathematics, operations research, and neuroscience.

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Recent Content



Differential Modulation of Performance in Insight and Divergent Thinking Tasks with tDCS
Vinod Goel, Iveta Eimontaite, Amit Goel, and Igor Schindler


Human-Machine Cooperation in Large-Scale Multimedia Retrieval: A Survey
Kimiaki Shirahama, Marcin Grzegorzek, and Bipin Indurkhya