About This Journal


To create an engineering‐literate society through preeminence in P­‐12 engineering education research and scholarship.


To study engineering thought and learning at the P‐12 level and to inspire diverse students to pursue engineering and science for the benefit of humanity and the advancement of society.


The graduates of today and tomorrow enter into a world that requires them to be engineering‐literate and technologically savvy. The integration of engineering education in grades P‐12 will better arm students with essential tools and skills to enter into the workforce or post-secondary education. Additionally, due to a 20 percent slip in the number of engineers graduating from U.S. institutions and with more than half of the U.S. workforce in the sciences and engineering approaching retirement age, the need for a diverse group of students interested in and prepared to study engineering in college is ever growing.

It is essential that young engineers from the U.S. be involved in the next generation of innovative ideas that support our society's needs. This interest and drive to participate in engineering must be fostered at an early age. J-PEER is dedicated to addressing the downward trends in engineering interest, preparedness, and representation; to transforming P‐12 education to include engineering; to preparing a globally competitive engineering workforce; and ultimately to creating a society of engineering-­‐literate citizens.

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