Yasser Khamees Ragab Aman proposes in his article "Chaos Theory and Literature from an Existentialist Perspective" that in literature the relation, principles, and processes of chaos and order can be analyzed from an existentialist perspective. Chaos lies at the heart of nothingness and order is the appearance of the achievement it tries to realize, temporary it may seem. Aman argues that with the application of chaos theory to works of literature may yield new insight and applies in his paper aspects of chaos theory reading three literary works which represent three different literatures and cultures, namely Arabic, English, and French. Through a comparative textual interpretation of Sartre's Nausea (La Nausée), Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, and Al Hakim's The People of the Cave (Ahl Al-Kahf), Aman's analysis suggests that despite cultural differences literature -- as a primary representation of culture -- shows important similarities and thus suggests the principles and processes of chaos and order as universal systemic characteristics.

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