Michelle Woods, in her paper "Czech Literature, The King with the Horse's Ears, and Its Translations by Karel Havlícek Borovský and Milan Uhde," analyses the adaptation and "translation" of the Irish legend into the Czech language in Karel Havlícek Borovský's 1854 epic poem Král Lávra and in Milan Uhde's 1964 play Král Vávra. The translation of Irish language myths and legends into English functioned as way of constructing and disseminating the notion of a great literary and heroic past within the language of the colonizer but also in dissent to the constructions imposed by that language. Woods focuses on how these legends were adopted and adapted by another culture, how these rewritings engaged with the domestic ideological context, and how this relates back to the Irish "origins." In her analysis, Woods questions why this legend spoke to the cultural and political needs of the given periods and how the evolving culture adapted and rewrote the legend to conform to its own changing needs.

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