In his article, "Globalization and Conferencing Comparative Literature in Egypt and Slovenia," Babis Dermitzakis discusses two recent conferences in the discipline of comparative literature. The former conference was held on the topic of literary criticism in Cairo and the latter on the genre of the romantic epic poem in Ljubljana. The implicit and explicit objective of both conferences was to discuss as well as to demonstrate a stand against globalization with specific reference to culture and literature. The conference participants as much as the organizers intended to show that cultures and countries peripheral to economic, political, and cultural centres -- in particular the global impact of American culture -- possess important products of culture, including such in literature and in the study of literature, that is, in literary and culture theory. Although acknowledging English as the tool of communication serving the objectives of globalization, the argument is proposed that there are possibilities to avoid or at least to mitigate the marginalization of peripheral cultures and their scholarship and to establish meaningful dialogue with scholars globally.

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