In her article "Dialogue between Meaning Systems in Intermedial Texts" Cristina Peñamarín analyzes visual-verbal texts showing different ways of conceiving and representing the world, that in each case involves certain ways of reinforcing or challenging preconceptions about the object and ways of positioning author and addressee. Peñamarín's aim is to explore a method by which to address presupposed world visions in the texts and to ask how images and plurisemiotic texts are used to confirm, discuss, or expand the boundaries of systems of meaning. She raises the question of the possibilities of dialogue, hybridization, cultural translation, and the change of systems without losing sight that communication includes walls, barriers, and collectivities that see themselves as mutually incompatible, of discrimination and inability to dialogue. Peñamarín develops these problems by analyzing examples of maps and other every-day visual-verbal texts in order to investigate the contributions of these intermedial practices to common interpretive resources.

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