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The Focolare’s life and thought, dialogues and initiatives provide the inspiration for this interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, online/open access academic journal. Claritas also seeks to facilitate critical and constructive dialogue between scholars from all research disciplines and encourages cross-disciplinary and intercultural collaboration.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Number 2 (2015) Special Issue: Proceedings of the Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue on Suffering, Liberation, and Fraternity (Rome, June 23-27, 2015)



Dialogue Documents


Keynote Address
Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran


Greetings of Peace
Most Rev. Mitchell T. Rozanski

Relational Suffering and Its Causes

Liberation from Relational Suffering

Fraternity as the Way Forward


Fraternity as the Way Forward
Rev. Kyoichi Sugino

Fraternal Interreligious Cooperation