Efficient integration of fine-grained access control and resource brokering in grid

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The Journal of Supercomputing Volume 49, Number 1, 108-126


In this paper, we present a novel resource brokering service for grid systems which considers authorization policies of the grid nodes in the process of selecting the resources to be assigned to a request. We argue such an integration is needed to avoid scheduling requests onto resources the policies of which do not authorize their execution. Our service, implemented in Globus as a part of Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS), is based on the concept of fine-grained access control (FGAC) which enables participating grid nodes to specify fine-grained policies concerning the conditions under which grid clients can access their resources. Since the process of evaluating authorization policies, in addition to checking the resource requirements, can be a potential bottleneck for a large scale grid, we also analyze the problem of the efficient evaluation of FGAC policies. In this context, we present GroupByRule, a novel method for policy organization and compare its performance with other strategies.


Access control, Computational grid network, Resource brokering, Grid security, Policy organization, XACML

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